Hi everyone!

I'm Kaitlin, a Canadian influencer specializing in lifestyle content. I have worked with a variety of brands on campaigns in a range of genres including fashion and accessories, beauty, health & wellness, swimwear, lingerie, and jewelry. I will consider all partnerships, but I prefer to work with brands that have a focus on body positivity, environmental sustainability, and that are plant based and cruelty free. I will not partner with brands to promote weight loss products, appetite suppressants, or anything that I find unethical.

I am a professional freelance model with a decade of industry experience, and I work with a photographer to create all of my brand content. Everything that will be delivered from me for a collaboration including posing, makeup, hair styling, wardrobe styling, photography, photo editing, and copy writing, will be high quality and professional. I believe in brand content being authentic, genuine, and natural, and I will only work on campaigns that I believe in and feel comfortable promoting to my audience. 

I am a femme lesbian and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I love working with companies that are inclusive. I am especially happy to consider campaigns for LGBTQ+ initiatives and charitable causes benefitting the community.

Please see my brand portfolio below, and click here for my media kit.