How to Work with Models: A Model’s Guide for Photographers


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Introduction (and photo)

Hi, I’m Kaitlin! I’m a professional freelance model with a decade of experience in the talent industry.

At the beginning of 2019, I was invited to be a guest speaker in the photography program at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada. I gave a presentation to a class of new photography students about how to work with models, and what it means to cultivate a positive model-photographer relationship. I really enjoyed speaking on the topic, and quickly realized that there are very few resources on the subject. Even fewer of them are offered from a professional model’s perspective. I had an idea to turn my presentation into an in depth e-book for photographers, and now here we are!

What You’ll Learn From This E-Book

This e-book is a “how-to” guide for photographers. It’s centred around the professional working relationship between a photographer and a model, and discusses how to make this relationship result in the best work possible. This e-book outlines the entire creative process, and will equip you with all of the tools you need to work with models. It teaches how to be a photographer that models speak highly of in the industry. You’ll learn how to be someone they’ll want to work with again and again, and also a photographer they will recommend to their peers.

What’s Inside This E-Book

Part Two

  • Photo Shoot Etiquette

  • How to Direct a Model

  • How to Offer Feedback

  • A Note on Nudity

  • Final Considerations

Part Three

  • After a Project

  • The Finished Product

  • How to Maintain a Relationship


  • Final Thoughts & Resources


  • About the Author (That’s Me!)

  • Testimonials

  • About the Industry

  • Why I Wrote this E-Book

Part One

  • How to Find a Model

  • Model Rates & Terms

  • How to Contact a Model

  • Pre-Shoot Communication

  • Setting Expectations

Get This Comprehensive Guide to Working With Models

How to Work With Models: A Model’s Guide For Photographers will save you plenty of time, so you can focus on shooting! Without it you might spend endless hours researching online and talking to peers looking for advice on this topic. Plenty of the information you would find on this subject may not be useful or credible. This guide delves deep into everything you need to know about how to work with models. It will help you improve as an artist, and become the best photographer you can be.


Select Book Format: E-Book or Kindle (graphics for Amazon & PDF download) 

What Industry Experts Say About the Author

Jerry & Melissa Ghionis - International Photographers & Educators

“We can honestly say without hesitation, that Kaitlin is one of the best models we’ve been able to work with. Her grace and strength makes it so wonderful to photograph her, and her patience, and encouraging words to photography students are a bonus. Kaitlin has a calm, professional demeanour that instantly puts you at ease. She is so helpful and encouraging, and I’ve seen it instantly transform a nervous first-time photographer into someone who believes they can do it.”

Roberto Valenzuela - International Photographer & Author

“It was at one of my posing workshops that I had the pleasure of working with Kaitlin. She brought so much grace and expertise in the field of posing. Furthermore, she anticipated my needs as an instructor to always help drive my point home. It was impressive! Her humble attitude and willingness to help went far beyond what I would expect from an experienced model. A large part of the success of that workshop was because of Kaitlin. She is one of the very best out there in our industry.”

Tomo Tanaka - Photographer & Instructor (Langara College)

“Kaitlin is a professional in every sense, and is truly dedicated to her craft. She is an excellent communicator, has a strong work ethic, and always brings her best to every session. As a photography instructor, I’ve brought Kaitlin in to be a guest speaker in my classes. Having worked for years as a full-time professional model, she has many experiences to draw on. She eloquently explains the ideal relationship between photographers and models, and my students have commented on how much they learned from her.”

Emanuel Pires - Photographer & Studio Owner (The Production Studio)

“Kaitlin was one of the first models I had the pleasure of working with when I started photography, and I still find her to be one of the best models I have ever worked with. I run workshops myself, and I have hired Kaitlin more than 12 times to help other photographers build their portfolios. She is amazing at posing and helping novice photographers, while also creating stunning new images with experienced professionals who know what they’re looking for. With so many years in the industry, I value Kaitlin’s input.”

Paul Iacoviello - Photographer & Instructor (Mohawk College)

“I’ve worked with Kaitlin on both personal projects, and instructional workshops. She brings a level of professionalism and understanding that, as a working photographer, is highly respected and sought after. She is prompt, and prepared, and her body awareness and posing style are excellent.”

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