Makeup • Hair • Wardrobe


I studied makeup artistry at VCC, under Jason Hadikin in 2013. Since then, I have furthered my knowledge through seminars with MAC and Makeup Forever, and I maintain a professional makeup kit including top international brands of products and tools. My personal makeup work has been published internationally for various print and web campaigns. I specialize in natural beauty and glamour looks, but am capable of more creative makeup if the project requires it. I'm always available to style my own makeup for different projects, but I will happily work with another artist if they are provided. If you are looking for a very advanced makeup look and you wish to book another artist, I’m happy to make recommendations! I will always arrive camera ready unless otherwise discussed, and I bring my full makeup kit for touch ups and changes. 




My makeup education includes basic hair styling, and I am always available to style my own hair for different projects. I will always arrive with styled hair unless otherwise discussed, and I bring hot tools and styling products for touch ups and changes if they are required. If you are looking for an advanced hairstyle, I am always happy to work with a hair stylist if they are provided. I can also recommend amazing stylists that can achieve creative looks depending on your project.




I have an extensive wardrobe that can cover a range of styles for different projects. My collection includes a variety of casual clothing, dresses, dance wear, lingerie, heels, jewelry, and accessories. While travelling, my wardrobe selection can be more limited, so be sure to request specific items with plenty of notice. Please also keep in mind that not every wardrobe item you see in my portfolio belongs to me, but if you see something you like that I don't have, I will do my best to provide something similar. If you wish to provide wardrobe for the project, please contact me for my sizing and I can provide you with accurate sizes for the brand/style of clothing you will be sourcing. As well, I am always happy to work with a wardrobe stylist if they are provided.