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I’m a full time creative from Vancouver, Canada and I spend most of my time on the road with my wife and pup. I’m a model, dancer, performer, and writer, and I’m completely in love with creating. Read on for more about me and what I do!


I went to a fine arts school and studied dance and music from a very young age. It was there that I fell in love with the arts, and knew that my professional life would be creative and unconventional. After school, I started working in the talent industry in Vancouver as a dancer and performer, and also found my way into the world of modelling. In my early twenties I made the move to Toronto in search of bigger opportunities, and lived there for a few years while furthering my career. 

After several years in Toronto I got married, and my wife and I decided to start prioritizing travel in our life. We’ve been travelling pretty much full-time ever since! We own a house in Niagara Falls, Ontario and we recently purchased a condo in our home city of Vancouver. Both properties serve as a part-time home base, as well as income properties that help make our travel lifestyle possible. Together, we also run a travel blog where we document our adventures and offer resources.

At this point I have more than a decade of experience as a model and performer. I’ve done plenty of work in film & television, as well as live events, stage shows, and print projects. I love my industry so much and couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling career! I still do regular modelling tours in Canada, and also find time to perform every chance I get. Nowadays, I also spend a lot of time writing and creating content for a variety of digital platforms. 

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I have over a decade of experience in the talent industry, and am available as a professional model for both freelance and commercial projects. I’m skilled in a variety of genres and love working as a creative collaborator. Click below for my full portfolio and list of credits!



I have always loved to write, and I’m currently writing for the travel and lifestyle blog that I run with my wife. We chronicle our adventures around the world, and offer accessible travel information for lesbian women and couples. Click below to find out more!



I also work as a digital content creator specializing in travel and lifestyle content. I’m a femme lesbian and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, and I love to work with inclusive brands and companies! Click below for my brand portfolio and media kit.